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There are some pretty awesome people out there…
And these folks just make us smile with what they’re doing through their NGOs/Non-Profits!

Photo of girl dancing in a field - by Belovodchenko Anton

Soaring begins with Hope

Falcon Reid Design is passionate about helping people who are also passionate about helping others. We believe that everyone is graced with divine intent and incredible purposes, and most often all that is required to unlock it is someone willing to love and invest in them. These Non-Profits and NGOs who put feet to words move and inspire us.

These are some of our favorite folks who are out there improving the world one person at a time…

  • Village Makeover is an organization in Colorado that works directly with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Rwanda to give life to new hope to the people of Rwanda through socio-economic development, education, nutrition, and more…
  • Bal Swan Children’s Center is a dynamic Pre-School and Kindergarten that is, “committed to making a significant and sustained impact on humanity. We achieve this by striving to provide caring nurturing environments, excellence in all we do, and pioneering services for our families, all while embracing children of all abilities.
  • Circle of Care is a group dedicated to creating community and bringing joy to senior citizens in Boulder County through the arts and shared desires.
  • Sex + Money Film is a documentary taken on by some very ambitious young adults to reveal the truth about sex trafficking in the United States, and to raise awareness of the causes and solutions available.
  • iEmpathize is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about poverty and the trafficking of women and children for the sex industry. Through art installations and activism they are impacting lives all over the world.
  • Isla Urbana Is an organization bringing training and resources to Central American citizens trapped in poverty. Through rain-water harvesting and urban gardens they are showing impoverished people how to provide for themselves in new ways!

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